Saturday, October 24, 2020

Secrets to your Success as an Illustrator - Mastermind Marketing For Illustrators Webinar

The secret to your success is to see yourself as a business and carve out time to fully develop as an artist AND as a business. As a business, you will need a consistent style/brand, a professional website and you will need to promote your work across many channels. Please don’t ignore online marketing – it’s THE way our industry is doing business these days. 


Your marketing strategy should be centered on the target market that you are aiming for and those who wish to hire you.  If you are not sure about your target audience and clients, please feel free to schedule a time on my calendar for a free consultation.


We can help you with this! The Directory of illustration is a full-service marketing platform that connects you with the most active creatives online, in print, through social media and through our email subscription program. We offer everything you need to increase your visibility and connect you with new potential clients. 




1- First of all you’ll need a consistent style/brand, and a body of work. Don’t steal other people's ideas. An original is worth more than a copy. Find your voice and Be YOU!


2-Having a responsive web site is a crucial first step in marketing your art. It’s important to have a place where you can send creative directors, commissioners and art producers to see your work. A poorly designed website will only ruin your chances of getting hired. If you need a website, or your website needs a makeover, send me a message and I’ll set you up for a conversation with our SiteDesignWorks manager Steve, to see the free customized WordPress templates and discount hosting.


Since your portfolio often serves as your first impression, it’s important to put some thought into it.

-  Only show your best work

-  Organize your work into categories or separate portfolios so your visitors aren’t so overwhelmed

-  Make sure your bio is well written and interesting - that you sound knowledgeable, trustworthy, educated, motivated, and creative

-  Add a blog

-  Add an online store



3- Be where your audience is:

Where do art directors, creative directors and commissioners go to assign jobs? is still the #1 site for illustrators also







Post at least once a week on your social media platforms and keep creating new images that are exciting and commercial


4- Reach your audience through email campaigns is our email subscription program and a great way to put your work directly in the inbox of a creative.

Make it personal, have a creative subject line and introduce yourself, providing a link to your website.

Keeping potential clients aware of your latest work through a regular email newsletter is a fundamental aspect of good marketing. If you’re interested to know more about an email campaign, send me a message and I’ll set you up for a conversation with Kayla Riveros.


5-Consider signing up for one of the Directory of illustration marketing packages, which will put you in front of the largest audience of qualified art buyers in the world. We have marketing programs to fit any budget.


Here is a link to the DI packages:


Remember this: You are a business, do your best to present yourself consistently and professionally, and know that I’m here to help!


Questions? Let's chat soon! Please schedule a time that is convenient for you:


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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Engaging ways to talk about your illustration Creative Voice

As a Senior Illustration Consultant with Directory of Illustration I was just asked by the Association of Illustrators and the World Illustration Awards to offer helpful hints on creating engaging ways to talk about illustration and promotion. They asked for tips on ‘how to tell the story of your work or ‘ways to reach new commissioners and clients'. My experience has proven that when an illustrator incorporates my time tested advice into their presentation they’ll have a renewed sense of confidence and gain a significant competitive advantage. 

PASSION with a purpose, CAMPAIGN & APPLICATION” Aspects of Your Creative Voice

‘Telling a story about your work’ and ‘Creating a successful marketing plan’ begin by developing, presenting and showcasing “Passion with a purpose, Campaign & Application” aspects of YOUR CREATIVE VOICE.

It’s really pretty simple…let’s break it down:

PASSION – What are you best at? If you had to pick a ‘dream project’ what would that be? If you know what your passion is in your work you can build your portfolio around that. Ask yourself: what is the style and medium I love to work in? What are my favorite subject matters to illustrate? What images have I received positive feedback on?

PURPOSE - What are the values that provide meaning in your life? What things inspire, motivate or intrigue you? What can you contribute to the illustration world?  When you know what you can do with your illustration career that is important in the industry, you’ve found your purpose.  

CAMPAIGN - Portfolios with the most consistency usually stand out the most. Consistency in your portfolio shows that you are competent, efficient and can create more than just one of something. You need to demonstrate that you can deliver exactly what you advertise in your portfolio. Developing a recognizable style will give your illustrations a voice. It’s okay to have 2 or 3 styles as long as you can build on them. A campaign of consistent images will amplify your voice. Consistency also builds trust with editors, art directors and publishers who are hiring.

APPLICATION/USAGE – This is all about getting hired! When a client is interested in hiring an illustrator, they value being able to point to an illustrator’s existing work for reference. How will your illustration be used to solve a client’s visual problem? What is the illustration’s purpose? Is it conveying a concept or message? or selling a book, magazine or product? 

More and more the field of illustration is shaping the world we live in. There is always a need for illustration to solve a problem, tell a story or sell a product. Illustrators are getting work from many different places, but in order to get the work, VISIBILITY EVERYWHERE is key! You will never realize the infinite possibility of opportunities that exist unless you market yourself extensively. By doing so you will have a better chance of being seen and getting hired. Promoting and marketing your work to target all the major players and niche markets is necessary.

Be sure to ask the right questions to know exactly how to win the job. And don't give up if the bidding process doesn't go your way. Be positive about the connection you have established with this new potential client and work to build on it for the future.

Always remember the value YOU bring to the project and what your ‘creative voice’ offers to the world.