Monday, February 2, 2015

What kind of work can I expect from companies that will license my illustrations for 'their stuff'?

Great question!! This is a frequent question I'm asked when an illustrator promotes their work. It’s potentially a great market for an illustrator and one that the Directory of Illustration reaches.

I have seen everything from toy companies to greeting cards/stationery/calendars... shoe and apparel companies, even surgical scrubs... accessories (like iPhone cases, etc.)... wall coverings/textiles... home decor... gifts...  etc.

Ashley Percival for Papryrus

You will reach opportunities through the Directory and can help yourself further by making a note of companies that you see in your travels that have product with artwork. Then google that company and see if they have an art submission department. Many publishing companies, for example, have art departments and specific art submission procedures right on their websites. Examples: and

You can target your top '25 VIP' clients as part of your Directory of Illustration gift program. Give us the name of 25 U.S. art directors and we'll include them in our distribution. We'll send you certificates to mail to your 'hot list' to announce that the book is being sent to them at your request.

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