Wednesday, June 27, 2012

European Illustrators Forum meet

In June, as the US was hosting ICON 7 our European illustration friends convened in Amsterdam to discuss issues related to general conditions for illustrators and legislation affecting creators in Europe.

Board members come from the German, Dutch, Spanish, Italy, Swedish, UK and Finnish organisations. The Norwegian representative also attended.

UK based Association of Illustrators' Managing Director, Heng Khoo and Projects Manager, Derek Brazell covered issues in the UK, including the ongoing Government consultation on copyright, and the AOI’s work with the Pro-Action committee.

Following a day long meeting, the group visited Haarlem, outside Amsterdam, the next day for the Comics festival and Illustration Biennale. The well attended Biennale was held mainly in Dutch, but a few invited speakers were handily in English for those whose Dutch was non-existent.

AOI Managing Director, Heng Khoo, outside the Illustration Biennale
Comics Fair held around Haarlem Cathedral
Looking at Dutch comics

Sunday, June 24, 2012

“June Brides” New Yorker Magazine Cover - from blog to cover!!!

One of the Directory's wonderful illustrators, Gayle Kabaker, is the first artist to make the leap from BLOG to COVER for The New Yorker Magazine.

This is a wonderful story!

Think out of the box, be present in places where art directors and editors look for talent and you too can "be found" for projects.

Click here for Gayle's complete portfolio.

Artist, Gayle Kabaker, represented by Lindgren & Smith
"New Yorker" Cover!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


ICON 7 - the grand stage and everyone who made this year's conference happen

It was really an inspiration, in this ever-changing industry, to enjoy the company of my peers – newcomers, established illustrators, designers, art directors and educators at the 7th Illustration Conference – ICON 7 in Providence, Rhode Island. “Drawn Together” was a collaborative effort of the board of directors who vividly organized beneficial, fun and informative sessions for all in attendance. Even if you weren’t there, check out session information worth sharing with you in my future posts. I know others in attendance also shared details and pictures on their social networks. I hope you will gain some extra inner confidence to stand as a pillar of strength in your own career.

Anne Telford, Co-Chair of The First Illustration Conference, Editor Illustration Voice and Editor-at-Large CA Magazine; Rebecca Bedrossian, Managing Editor, CA Magazine; me and Whitney Sherman, President of ICON 5 and Illustrator & Director of the MFA in Illustration Practice, MICA

Opening ceremony entertainment with "What Cheer Brigade" and "Big Nazo"

ICON 7 Board Members John Hendrix, President; Jaime Zollars, VP Operations and Troy Doolittle (Top Dog) VP Sustainability + Treasurer 

Thank you to all the sponsors including Glen Serbin's Directory of Illustration and Directory of

Iconic industry leader Marshall Arisman, Chairman MFA Program at SVA, with Maria Ragusa-Burfield, Julie Lieberman and me
Iconic industry leader Murray Tinkelman, Director Hartford Art School, with his wife Carol, Program Administrator and me

UK based AOI - Association of Illustrators former Chairman Rod Hunt and me

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breakthrough Contest 2012 Open to Submissions through June 30th!

Artist Representative, Richard Solomon called me to announce that his second annual Breakthrough Contest has extended its call for entries until June 30th. The contest helps out talented illustrators launch their careers.

Last year's winner, Michal Dziekan, is now working on a broad range of projects from editorial to advertising. Here is what some had to say about their success after submitting to the contest:

"During my great Breakthrough trip to NY I got the opportunity to join a group of fantastic artists represented by Richard Solomon. It's a great honor for me to find myself next to these guys."

Maria Corte Maidagan:

"I view the Breakthrough Contest is an invaluable source of exposure -- an opportunity I couldn't refuse.  I took interest in the competition with intentions of expanding my career outside of gallery work, towards a more commercial field.  Not only did it serve as an open exhibition for potential clients, but I also received the opportunity to be taken under by the notable representative, himself.  My participation in it did exactly what I set forth to do."

Tran Nguyen:

"I would encourage everyone to participate in the Breakthrough Contest. For me, it has been a great chance for giving visibility to my work abroad, providing impetus for my professional career outside Europe. I have collaborated with different international publications that have entailed new challenges to face ever since, always relying on the advice and experience I have been provided with by RSAR. This is why I would also like to highlight the humane treatment that the office gives to the artists represented, always close and warm. Taking part in it has been a rewarding experience that I am still enjoying to this day."

Check here for more information regarding eligibility or to submit until June 30th.

Best of luck to all. If you have any questions contact

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Have you illustrated any dogs or cats lately?

Images of dogs and cats seem to help companies sell their product or service. So many print and television commercials have a dog or cat in them! Companies are creating ads featuring dogs or cats to appeal to and increase the favorable attitude toward their product or service. I first noticed it when every Super Bowl television commercial had a dog in it.  

It makes sense...according to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 72.9 millions homes - 46.3% own a dog and 38.9% own a cat. And based on the social media reaction to some automotive television spots, tongues are wagging.

It's no surprise that Jason Parker Bryant recently boasted 2 jobs, one for a major dog food product and another for a zoo from showing animals, and dogs in particular, in his portfolio.