Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The biggest deterrent for many illustrators is navigating through all the aspects pertaining to negotiating, contracts, rights, etc. It makes their head spin just thinking about it. If a client's project seems outrageous or unconventional, don't panic or make concessions — instead, listen to what they are asking and then do what many of my clients do – CALL ME! I can help you find someone to guide you, educate you and/or represent you. Let me give you two real examples of how I can help you in these situations.

1. A west coast Illustrator called me late one afternoon. She just received a call from an Ogilvy Chicago art director who saw her very first ad page in the Directory.  She listened as the art director asked her to submit ‘an estimate’ for a hi-level consumer product ad campaign budgeted for $15,000 which they needed within a couple days to get final approval from their client.  The illustrator had never done an estimate before – she was unaware of how to present one – and she wanted the job. So she quickly called me to ask how to handle this. I introduced her to a west coast illustration representative who was kind enough to teach her how to put an estimate together. The artist submitted the estimate on schedule and within 2 weeks the job was confirmed. Here is her print ad from the Directory that won her the project.

Sacha Penn - Directory of Illustration #29 ad

2. A local artist, tired of the local budgets, called me to get more national and international exposure through the Directory program. When his first print ad came out he received a call for a project he said was ‘bigger than he had ever negotiated before’ and could I help him. I asked him to describe the project so I could determine the right artist representative to help him with this particular project. The NY artist representative contacted him right away, negotiated the project for him and got him a bigger paycheck than he ever had before. The project with that client went so well that the rep invited him to join his rep group. Now the artist has a rep and a continuing presence in the Directory with the rep. Here is the first ad which got him the bigger paycheck.

Mike Ray - Directory of Illustration #28 ad

If you want the job, please show up for the interviews. The Directory program will give you the exposure you need to be considered for projects. When you get the call, you can accept the project as presented, negotiate on your own, or ask for help. If you are part of the Directory program, you can count on me to help. All negotiations can be crafted so it is a win-win solution for everyone. Knowing who you can count on gives you the best chance to succeed and will also position you for future opportunities.