Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Illustrators Say About Finding and Keeping Clients

Conversations with many illustrators remind me that the market is still competitive - however here's what some illustrators say about finding and keeping clients:

~ Art buyers focus on talented artists who can solve a visual problem. Clients want to COLLABORATE WITH YOU - clients are not always focused on style.

~ Illustrators get work from many places. VISIBILITY everywhere is key! 

~ Active illustrators got rid of old assumptions and zeroed in on strategies that would grab market share and won some of the new business that exists.

~ Illustrators moved from high maintenance/low margin clients that are an impediment on their time to opportunities and clients that have become more profitable - producing a healthier bottom line.

~ Illustrators embraced industries that have money to spend while staying focused on their dream projects.

~ Illustrators improved and upgraded their skills - whether traditional, digital, 2D, 3D and/or motion.

~ Illustrators combine traditional graphic design AND illustration skills to create concept driven illustrative design and lettering work.