Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How much are YOU willing to put into your illustration career?

I've known and worked with illustrator Steve Noble for 19 years straight. In honor of his never ending dedication to his illustration career I'm posting a recent article from the respected National Museum of Creative Arts publication ASCENDER which interviews Steve in regards to his commitment to an effective career. There is always something to be learned from this kind of success.

Recently Kraken Rum released three new advertising spots which Steve said were individually hand drawn in the old engraving woodcut style and supplied digitally to the animators. The 3 spots aired during the ESPN March Madness included Existence, Strength and Survival. You'll enjoy these Kraken Rum Illustration Animations. "Release the Kraken!"

The Kraken octopus was illustrated over a supplied wire frame with different Photoshop layers applied for the shadows.

Other favorites are the new logos Steve was commissioned for when he worked on the new redesigned Got Milk campaign.

Steven Noble’s Scratchboard, Line Art, Woodcut and Engraving artwork is internationally recognized. He illustrated the back of the $1 bill, refreshed the White House logo and is the artist behind American Express’ centurion.