Thursday, June 21, 2012


ICON 7 - the grand stage and everyone who made this year's conference happen

It was really an inspiration, in this ever-changing industry, to enjoy the company of my peers – newcomers, established illustrators, designers, art directors and educators at the 7th Illustration Conference – ICON 7 in Providence, Rhode Island. “Drawn Together” was a collaborative effort of the board of directors who vividly organized beneficial, fun and informative sessions for all in attendance. Even if you weren’t there, check out session information worth sharing with you in my future posts. I know others in attendance also shared details and pictures on their social networks. I hope you will gain some extra inner confidence to stand as a pillar of strength in your own career.

Anne Telford, Co-Chair of The First Illustration Conference, Editor Illustration Voice and Editor-at-Large CA Magazine; Rebecca Bedrossian, Managing Editor, CA Magazine; me and Whitney Sherman, President of ICON 5 and Illustrator & Director of the MFA in Illustration Practice, MICA

Opening ceremony entertainment with "What Cheer Brigade" and "Big Nazo"

ICON 7 Board Members John Hendrix, President; Jaime Zollars, VP Operations and Troy Doolittle (Top Dog) VP Sustainability + Treasurer 

Thank you to all the sponsors including Glen Serbin's Directory of Illustration and Directory of

Iconic industry leader Marshall Arisman, Chairman MFA Program at SVA, with Maria Ragusa-Burfield, Julie Lieberman and me
Iconic industry leader Murray Tinkelman, Director Hartford Art School, with his wife Carol, Program Administrator and me

UK based AOI - Association of Illustrators former Chairman Rod Hunt and me

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