Saturday, November 29, 2014

Directory of Illustration - Did you know?

Did you get a chance to review the information regarding the Directory of Illustration 32?

Did you know:

  • It's a 2 year program.
  • The cost is ONE project!
  • There are flexible payment options.
  • We’re not an agency but we can help you find a rep when you get that important project.
  • Consultation is included to present your best creative voice!
  • Our program provides worldwide exposure 24/7 – even while you're sleeping. 
  • You can post 5 to 100 images immediately.
  • We offer 2 websites with very robust search engines.
  • Our book-book is unique....helping YOU STAND OUT from the crowd using ‘internet-only’ sites.
  • We’re 100% illustration and illustrative design and lettering!
  • You’ll pay a little more but you’ll get the most exposure to active art buyers.
  • Getting work is about showing up for job interviews.
  • We have the "Enlarge Image" link in portfolios.

Our market coverage is international: 
  Advertising Agencies: Print, Interactive & Broadcast

  Consumer & Trade Magazines

  Book Publishers: Educational, Consumer & Trade

  Design Firms

  Licensing Industry
  Entertainment, Motion Picture
& Recording Industries

  Animation & Multimedia Companies

  Internet Production Companies

  Toy & Interactive Game Companies

  National Award Winners
  Fortune 500 Corporations with In-House Art Departments

  Hi-Tech Computer & Software Markets

  Product & Packaging

  Beauty & Fashion

  Branding & PR Firms

You can reserve now to lock in our best rate and pay plan...and post your images immediately on

CONTRACT: Click here to see some of the payment plans and contract.

We can discuss payment options that fit your budget.

Here’s to a creative year ahead!
Jo Ann
800.750.5005 |760.318.6310

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