Thursday, October 11, 2012

FLOW - a marketing campaign to keep you engaged

For several years now, Richard Solomon Artists Representative has been successfully advertising with The Directory of Illustration. In addition to his efforts with us, Richard and his team are always thinking of new ways to showcase their diverse group of award winning talent with unique and dynamic promotions. 

For the past year they were working on something really special, an idea to help set them apart: FLOW. The artists worked in collaboration and conjunction with his/her immediate neighbors and made sure that all the pieces connected to create one continuous work of art, with each composition flowing into the next. Have they succeeded? You decide. 

Wednesday they launched the project with only the first 4 images and for the next several weeks, will be releasing images regularly so stay tuned by following them on:  

FLOW - RSAR - Richard Solomon Artist Representative
Gary Kelly

Murray Kimber

Yan Nascimbene

Tyler Jacobson