Friday, October 19, 2012

Finding and Keeping Clients

What is getting in your way of achieving the results that you want? 

Aad Goudappel -

How are you going about generating new jobs, finding new projects and keeping clients?  

Do you have laser focus in your efforts to do this? 
Jeff Huang -

Let's talk about this so we can get to the bottom of your stumbling blocks.
Ken Orvidas -

A lot of factors can help a motivated and talented person stay busy AND make a good living. Creative people need constant inspiration AND marketing...a way to keep their name and good works in front of those that can hire them.

Since each individual is just that - unique in their own creativity - there are different approaches for everyone. 

Often a portfolio review is a good place to start so you must be open to honest feedback and suggestions. Sometimes it helps to talk this out with a trusted professional.

I can talk this through with you and offer suggestions. I tend to ask a lot of questions to trigger ideas. This requires true introspection and commitment on your part.  

Wesley Bedrosian -
Here are a few things I ask a dedicated illustrator:

     ~ How do you market yourself?
     ~ Do you connect with past clients? When was the last time?
     ~ Is your current website relevant to the kind of jobs you want?
     ~ How do you get traffic to your website?
     ~ Do you know what industries your work is best suited for ?
     ~ Do you think like a problem solver?
     ~ Do you use time off, times when you have no pressure, to

          develop new creative ideas?
     ~ Have you found a mentor?

Marilyn Janovitz -

Your goal is to find good jobs and make money. I'd be happy to chat with you to cultivate opportunity and climb the ladder to success.
Marilyn Janovitz -

In order to grow your client base, you need to find a very good program with a proven track record and a great vehicle for promotion – and then stick with it!  Give art buyers and creatives time to get to know you!  You’ll find over time this will be your most rewarding course of action and you’ll begin to see your business growing.



  1. My style is best suited for editorial work. My agent has informed me that that realm is swamped by big names and I had better lighten up and do something attractive to advertisers. Not sure how to do this without looking like everyone else. I thought originality and edginess were that way to get noticed. Try try again.

    1. Are you saying you would like to appeal to advertising agencies? I would not discount originality. How can I help you?

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