Sunday, December 9, 2012

The VISUAL Power in Packaging

Strong images on books and packaging move a person to act - and when it comes to deciding on which product oftentimes the visual impacts your decision to actually buy it.

When is the last time you walked through a book store, grocery, drug or toy store to see what kind of visuals are on the products? Have you ever taken your digital camera into the stores to get pictures of products which could inspire you or products that you could see your own art work on?
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Everyday consumers have ever-changing tastes making the average life span of a package about two and a half years. This leaves plenty of need for designers and art directors to hire an illustrator for package art.

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Illustrations that offer innovation and/or cutting-edge technology are perfectly acceptable forms of visuals for packaging. 

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Make sure your illustrations identify what's being sold inside the package especially if you're competing with four-color photography which shows a product exactly like it is. 
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Effective package illustration looks great on the shelf, differentiates your product from a hundred others and sends the right emotional message to the consumer. Don't forget, a lot of consumer spending is impulse buying so if you can make your illustrations memorable, the art buyer hiring you knows his product has a better chance of being purchased.
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