Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Industries Are Using Illustration?

Are you aware of the following growing industries that can use illustration? Can you target these audiences? There is always a need for illustration to solve a problem, tell a story or sell a product. Look into these industries to see how your work fits in and how you can target them for opportunities:

From Susan Tolonen's portfolio on

Baby Boomers:
From John Batten's portfolio on

From John Francis' portfolio on

From Greg Paprocki's portfolio on

From Ronald Wilson's portfolio on

From David Goodwin's portfolio on
Home Improvement:
From Mark Bremmer's portfolio on
From Jennifer Lilya's portfolio on

From James O'Brien's portfolio on (representated by Gerald & Cullen Rapp)

Children's books:
From Jomike Tejido's portfolio on (represented by MB Artists)

Toys & Games:
From Russell Benfanti's portfolio on By Mendola Artist Representatives)

For a more detailed review of your portfolio and which industries you could target, please connect with me directly. I'd be happy to share some ideas based on your passion, skills and past experience.


  1. Thank you for including my work here :)

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