Sunday, November 27, 2011

Directory of Illustration 28. Cover ART by Ken Orvidas

I started working with Ken Orvidas over 10 years ago when I had the privilege to review his portfolio in Seattle. Ken has always been aware of positioning himself in the market to gain greater recognition. He knows the economic future will be populated by the movers and shakers who are poised for success. So in his own words..."Sometimes luck goes one’s way. So it did for me earlier this year when I was asked if I would provide a color illustration and five black and white illustrations for the new Directory of Illustration #28. I was also lucky to have worked with Dave Plunkert as the art director on this one. Dave suggested we try simple imagery versus complex and busy as we address the theme for the book, “very, very visionary”. So, the concept of “eye of the tiger”, “eagle eye”, “black-eyed susan”, “eye of the storm”, etc. was born. Since the cover image is now showing up in printed collateral as well as on the DI website I am able to publish it here. To see the black and white images you’ll have to nab your own copy of the book." Advertisers have already received their copies and reprints. Directory of Illustration 28 lands on 18,000 art buyers' desks mid-January. Read what artists and art buyers have to say about the Directory of Illustration

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